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Island of Unije

The island of Unije is a part of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago in the Kvarner region. There is only one settlement on the island having the same name. The name Unije  comes from the Greek word "heneios" meaning field.

The town of Unije provides several restaurants, guest accommodations and boat moorings.
The port of Unije provides poor shelter for boats during stronger storms, so it is advised to moor in one of the more shelter bays on the eastern part of the island during bad weather.

The island has around 80 permanent residents, while the population rises to about 400 during summer season.

Main products of the island's small economy are wood, honey and wax. The sea around the island is also ideal for fishing since it is rich with tuna fish and squids.

Island of Unije


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