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City of Osijek

Osijek is the largest city in Slavonia, on the banks of the Drava and the seat of the county of Osijek-Baranja, making it an administrative, industrial and cultural centre. Its rich history has left an abundance of cultural and artistic heritage: asides from the concathedral in the centre there is a Capuchin church, a series of art nouveau buildings in European Avenue, the National Theatre...

The oldest part is Tvrđa, a preserved Baroque centre, whose central square is dominated by Kužni’s pillar. Here there is the Museum of Slavonia and the Archaeological Museum, galleries, churches...

We suggest a walk in the Osijek gardens and promenades along the Drava, and if you don't try the fish stew, shepherd's stew, spicy "kulen" sausage and smoked ham (and then there is the wine!) in one of Osijek's restaurants, then you haven’t been to Osijek! The city is alive throughout the year, but summer is packed with events and festivals for all ages - Osijek Summer Nights, Osijek summer for the young, cultural summer...

The popular Kopački rit Nature Park is an attractive tourist destination in Slavonia. This is a great flooded area along the right bank of Danube, in a large corner formed by Drava and Danube.

Over 2,000 biological species live there, many of which are rare and endangered species at the global and European levels, such as 291 bird species and 44 fish species. In 1993, Kopački rit was included in the list of internationally significant wetlands. Tourists can see the rit on specially built tourist boats with professional guides.

Deer and boar hunting is organized in the forests of Kopački rit and the entire area. Five to seven thousand deer live in Kopački rit – this is where the best prize deer in Europe were shot. Slavonia has another Nature park - Papuk, a mountain with numerous natural pearls, centuries-old forests and mountain lakes and springs.


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