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Town of Novigrad

Town of Novigrad

Novigrad or Novigrad Istarski to distingush it from three other cities in Croatia bearing the same name, is a town set on a small peninsula in Istria.

The area of the town was settled back in Roman times as evidenced by many archeological remains. It is first mentioned as Neapolis in 7th century and as Civitas Nova in 9th century.

Its renessaince sparked in 8th century and lasted for over a hundred years when it becomes a center of feudalism in Istria.

There are a lot of interesting things to see in Novigrad like, Lapidarium, the parish church and St.Pelagius and St.Maximus, Rigo Palace, Belvedere, City walls, church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Caramel, churc of St.Agata, Castel Dajla and Stern.



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